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[BTDT] Panda MODBenefactorRemember that time Panda raped Caspian Border? If you don't, here's a reminder. ;)
RenegadePanda crushing Caspian Border!
A battle through Caspian Border that ends in mayhem! (Gamepl...
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[BTDT] rocklion2000 AdminBenefactor  My personal best moment in that involved Reemo, Crypto and the dog.
[BTDT] rocklion2000 AdminBenefactorOh yeah.... Old school 360 style....
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It
Music video by Montell Jordan performing This Is How We Do I...
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[BTDT] rocklion2000 AdminBenefactorEverytime I see the old 360 footage of us on BF3 I sing "This is how we do it" in my head.
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[BTDT] girth Benefactor  Really? "Dip Dip Potato Chip" is what comes to mind for me.
[BTDT] Allahu Snackbar Benefactor  Little. Birdy. Legs.
[BTDT] kevin_m_fischer MODBenefactorHAHAHAHA
Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Voice Pack DLC Trailer Parody ...
Official Call of Duty Ghosts: Voice Pack DLC Trailer (Bane, ...
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[BTDT] Panda MODBenefactor  Bhahaha "since when?"
[BTDT] Ryan Brumbeloe   joined [BTDT]'Been There Done That'
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[BTDT] rocklion2000 AdminBenefactorWell, so I quit my job today. I'm kind of relieved. For now. Put up an explanation on my profile.
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[BTDT] Panda MODBenefactor  Dafuq?
[BTDT] M@3IK AdminBenefactor  Ohhh mate :(
[BTDT] Saboteur2558   I'm sure you will find something you will enjoy better.
[BTDT] SuckerPunchJay Long weekend this time around, will be playing bf4, maybe titan fall into the late night

for all the new Xboners feel free to add me,

GT: SuckerPunchJay
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[BTDT] TaborSpartan95 Benefactor  We've got company this weekend and I'm told it would be rude to play Xbone while they're here. I say that's bullshit Ms Manners.
[BTDT] MrLethalTerror AdminBenefactorLove, love, LOVE seeing all the new Youtube videos! A special thanks to Panda and Tren (and anyone else I forgot) for taking the lead on this project! Once we start getting more subscribers and viewers, we can apply for partnership and start bringing in some money for the group! Yessah!
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[BTDT] Panda MODBenefactor  M@3IK, huh?
[BTDT] M@3IK AdminBenefactor  Ive uploaded a banner in the gallery to the size spec for youtube. This will show on all devices and full screen if watching through your TV. Just upload the damn thing on youtube and have a look lol....
[BTDT] TaborSpartan95 Benefactor  So who's going to have the conversation with Rock about posting videos of his old balls isn't appropriate?
[BTDT] Chino
Pro-gun group scoops Bloomberg, grabs Everytown Facebook pag...
A gun rights advocate claimed the "Everytown for gun safety" Facebook page before the newly formed Michael Bloomberg-backed group hopped on it. The page launched shortly after Moms...
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[BTDT] TaborSpartan95 BenefactorVery interesting video from Jack Frags. Could explain a lot of deaths at everyone's favorite choke points in Metro, Locker andNaval Strike. Like he says, it's happened to everybody and didn't know it. Curious thing it doesn't register as "suicide", right?
Death Shield - Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 Death Shield Bug - Put this video together bec...
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[BTDT] Zuytdorp Benefactor  wow, thhis does explain a lot. maybe next time i' see this situation arise i'll save my ammo when i see a dead body.. i'd LIKE to say that i'd use the body to my advantage and make up some ground maybe, etc, but this might be considered as cheating [or stand there and let them shoot me as a friend flanks the enemy]; but is it really cheating if everyone does it?
[BTDT] M@3IK AdminBenefactor  uploaded an image to BTDT Server banner
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[BTDT] LordHighlander   joined [BTDT]'Been There Done That'
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[BTDT] HeliMech488 Benefactor  welcome!
[BTDT] AAChaoshand   Welcome to the group
[BTDT] M@3IK AdminBenefactor  uploaded 3 images to Slideshow Album
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[BTDT] Zuytdorp Benefactori have Pure Chess on PS4 if anyone is interested - not for a sit-down-and-get-into-it game, just sending in a move a day is fine
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[BTDT] iDivideByZero Benefactor  I play ChessWithFriends on my iPhone if you have that?
[BTDT] Zuytdorp Benefactor  i do have iphone 4 but can only connect through internet but not ususally turned on when at home. the pure chess on ps4 is approx AU$13 for playstation plus, which we would all be due to multiplayer ability. i still play the AI but was hoping for something more. thanks anyway
[BTDT] Zuytdorp Benefactorhere's some news on THE DIVISION that i found on the net:

“The Division is an online, open world RPG experience where exploration, objectives and player progression are all essential,” writes Edmond. “You can team up with a group of friends in co-op and jump in and jump out at any time. In certain areas, you can also seamlessly engage in PvP and experience suspenseful scenarios where danger can come from anywhere and anyone.”
Now, of course, no MMO game would be complete without some sort of clan or guild feature, which Edmond revealed the following about The Division’s clan system: “Right now we have no plans to cap the number of players who can be affiliated to any particular clan. We are also looking to have a very extensive web-based clan support system for all players in The Division. But we should have more to come around all this soon.”
Rundqvist also promises that the game was designed with infinite gameplay in mind, with “hundreds, if not thousands,” of hours of gameplay to enjoy. Obviously this is appealing for Ubisoft from a developer perspective, since it leaves the door open for things like ongoing DLC and micro-transaction.

“When you start the game you’re actually asked to pick a background. The Division is an agency that’s a combination of disciplines that would be useful in this scenario – engineer, military, law enforcement, intel, medical… stuff like that. As you progress into the game world, you define your own play style so it’s not a typical class-based game. You upgrade your skills and talents and you customize your weapons, the looks of your character. And you can respec right away in the middle of the game. You can continue to develop your play style. Whatever fantasy you want to pursue, it’s up to you.”

To survive in a multiplayer environment however, you might want to bring along a group of friends with a mixed range of skills, as the developers suggest that the focus on online multiplayer will be quite strong.

The Division will have a singleplayer option for the unsociable among us, but the mention of “seamlessly” entering multiplayer or PvP is what sounds most interesting. Perhaps different areas of the city will provide different areas of gameplay, or perhaps your friends will literally be able to drop into your game whenever you feel like you need some backup – or are too scared to go into a dark, ruined building by yourself.
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[BTDT] Panda MODBenefactor  Nothing there I didn't already know from E3.
[BTDT] Vegas SGT Benefactor  Well aren't we a know it all? Now we know who's been pissing in everyone's Cheerios!
[BTDT] iDivideByZero Benefactor  Yea, Panda is the king of worthless comments. ::thumbs up::
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