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[BTDT] KenLi2730 MODBenefactor  created a new thread 'Star Wars Episode VII': Sorting out the truth, rumo... in the Movies & TV forum
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[BTDT] USArmorerDEA AdminDaddyWarbuckAbout to jump back on the X1 in some BF....
[BTDT] iDivideByZero BenefactorFerguson PD has no idea how to militarize properly, thank god the NG showed up to show them how it's done. All that PPE gives me a go-to-war hard-on, fuckin hooah.
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[BTDT] kevin_m_fischer AdminBenefactorWebFuhrer  that PT belt will save his life! molotov cocktails don't have anything on pt belts!
[BTDT] iDivideByZero Benefactor  Yea, people kept posting pics like this [link] and complaining about the militarization of police and I'm all like, "da fuq are they talking about? I don't see a single bit of that gear safety tied and none of them are wearing a PT belt, so they totally have no idea how to militarize their force properly" ... I'm just glad the NG finally showed up to set them straight.
[BTDT] IYAOYAS05 BenefactorLast night a few of us witnessed something magical. A mass herd of "blueberries" on a match in BF4 on the Gulf of Oman map. As one herd, they all ran around the map taking care of business and actually contributing to the team. I wish I would have recorded it. Nothing was safe from them haha.
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[BTDT] Badkarma048 Benefactor  I wish I had been there. On PC, unless I'm playing with fellow BTDT guys, I can't even get my own squad to work as a team.
[BTDT] SuckerPunchJay Benefactor  I was there but wasnt able to see this event from the tank in the spawn :(
[BTDT] xJdKxZombiE Benefactor
Dyno day! Lets see what the swap put me to!
2005 Ford Police Interceptor ( Crown Victoria ) with a swapp...
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[BTDT] xJdKxZombiE BenefactorBeen quite the while you brotastic bastards you. What's new? Finally got my car all worked over.

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[BTDT] xJdKxZombiE Benefactor  I still game, modded Skyrim on Pc has my attention for now though. From the 1800 I spent at gamestop, Im just waiting for games to release fellas. I havent even unboxed my X1 yet.
[BTDT] Rocklion2000 AdminBenefactor  Get Destiny for X1 and I'll see you on the alien battlefield brother.
[BTDT] xJdKxZombiE Benefactor  It, among many many other titles are already paid off. Just waiting on release dates.
[BTDT] Asheetz Mdrawrz BenefactorStarted Pharmacy school today... I think I've earned this beer :d Oh, and its Dr. Asheetz now on...
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[BTDT] Rocklion2000 AdminBenefactor  Nothing like Dr. Asheetz Mdrawz
[BTDT] Allahu Snackbar Benefactor  Paging Doctor.. Well.. You know the rest.
[BTDT] Knutts BenefactorSad day my daughters first day of preschool
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[BTDT] Zuytdorp Benefactorfor ROCKLION and anyone else who has self-published and would like to provide their family and friends with a copy, or even possibky sell them on ebay:
there are 12 parts in total:
Part One through to Part Eleven, with a Part Five-alpha to be viewed alongside Part Five.
Please excuse the mathmatic error in Part Two at the 7min 30sec mark, i do correct this 3-20 seconds later bt it might confuse things for a moment there - i have troubel engaging brain and mouth at the same time.
How to Make a Hardcover Novel Part One
Please read the following: The method I have explained in a ...
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[BTDT] Rocklion2000 AdminBenefactor  Thanks brother
[BTDT] KenLi2730 MODBenefactor  Could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure A4 size paper is a universal size.
[BTDT] Zuytdorp Benefactor  could probably very-well be, as i read something about it on the net, but i also saw'heard something else three years ago, but i know i heard something and would NOT like someone to start something they couldn't finish. its possible that the size i heard about was A3, or A5, but like i said, i don't want to cause inconvenience. best to be safe than sorry i guess
[BTDT] SgtWes78Anyone playing D3 anymore?
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[BTDT] AAChaoshand Benefactor  Yes, tomorrow.
[BTDT] SuckerPunchJay Benefactor  Do characters transfer over?
[BTDT] AAChaoshand Benefactor  I don't know, I never had it for PC because of how they went about the system.
[BTDT] Blackfoot BenefactorGaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay boooooooooooooys!
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[BTDT] Mellisnoma   Points at navy
[BTDT] kevin_m_fischer AdminBenefactorWebFuhrer  Coming from the Marine and the Fister. Sounds like a match made in a foxhole
[BTDT] Allahu Snackbar Benefactor  Its not gay if its in the field. For survival, I mean..
[BTDT] fosul(`ー´)
[BTDT] Zuytdorp Benefactorjust for fun
but nothing special
SH... SH... SH... SHARK!
Shark infested waters, BF4
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[BTDT] me_prestonAfter a month or two of crazy work schedule whats up guys?!?
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