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[BTDT]'Been There Done That'  -  [BTDT] is a gaming community for real life military veterans from around the wor...
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[BTDT] Hppyfam
In reverence of the upcoming summer sale. Starts June 19th! ...
[BTDT] Reemo
Real Battlefield 4 Heroes - Today We Salute You Mr. Real Vet...
A Real Battlefield Heroes salute to the real heroes on this ...
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[BTDT] MrLethalTerror BenefactorSo this is a thing. And I'm soooo happy with this!!!!!
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[BTDT] HeliMech488 BenefactorIts been way too quiet on this site, WTF is everyone???
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[BTDT] pogy242 Benefactor  A lot of lurking types in here.
[BTDT] HeliMech488 Benefactor  Im guilty of Lurking myself
[BTDT] Allahu Snackbar Benefactor  Been playing X Plane 10.

Loads of fun getting yelled at by ATC
[BTDT] Zuytdorp Benefactorfor all those playing DESTINY, below is a short clip i quickly thrashed together for VOG fans. pass it onto all your friends outside of BTDT to advertise it. i think it's an ok idea as there is no pre-existing lounge/lobby to my knowledge
Vault of Glass Lounge
Hi all, need a meeting place to find others interested in VO...
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[BTDT] o J9 o Benefactor  I'm always on Destiny these days, but taking a break for Thanksgiving when I'm out of town. Hit me up if you see me on next week. I help out Originknuts whenever I can.
[BTDT] o J9 o Benefactor  About a lounge, that might work, usually if you're level 28-30, people will hit you up if you just chill anywhere in the tower. They just work down the roster.
[BTDT] Zuytdorp Benefactor  yeah, waiting in the tower is ok, searching amongst friends and trying to get a spot is good too, but most of the time i'm playing i've so much to do and little time to do it in and will only forego over farming etc for a VOG spot. doing strikes sets you up automatically with other members in the game and i just don't really understand why they don't do the same with VOG, i mean, you can always leave a group if it doesn't suit you and then try to create your own. just seems a bit silly to me.
PS. no one's being looking at the site so it'll never eventuate, but i thought i might try and help the situation but clearly it's not going to happen: too bad :)
[BTDT] spccrimsondeath Benefactor  created a new thread What do you all think of Final Stand in the Battlefield forum
[BTDT] KenLi2730 MODBenefactor  created a new thread Mages or Templars?? Dragon Age Inquisition in the Games forum
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[BTDT] Panda BenefactorOf course as soon as I think I'm about done with all my bf4 assignments, they give me a shit ton more. lol
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[BTDT] IYAOYAS05 BenefactorHaha...I can't believe they actually put the bi-pod knife in BF4.
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[BTDT] Panda Benefactor  yeah I knew what he was referencing. I want to know what he is talking about.
[BTDT] IYAOYAS05 Benefactor  In game, you can now equip a knife that has a bipod on it.
[BTDT] Panda Benefactor  Yeah I finally got to play a little bit. I saw that and started laughing. Wow.
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[BTDT] Allahu Snackbar BenefactorIm so fucking stoked right now. So much so that I actually just used the word "stoked". I got a 100 on a quiz, and a 95 on a test in my worst subject (Algebra) within a week. Raised my average from 76 to 81.
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[BTDT] IYAOYAS05 Benefactor  Nice, that's awesome dude.
[BTDT] IYAOYAS05 BenefactorGot whatever issue I was having with my XBL account resolved. And on another note, I love the random dialogue in GTA V...saw a cop car drive by chasing some random person in game and the cop was yelling "Stop the f**king vehicle!"
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[BTDT] HeliMech488 Benefactor  Messed around alittle with GTAV last night, myself. Loving the graphics, not sure about 1st person.
[BTDT] Asheetz Mdrawrz BenefactorAnyone getting Far Cry 4? Looks fab
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[BTDT] fosul   I pre-ordered it off Steam, but I probably should have torrented it to avoid the likely shitty DRM schemes Ubisoft comes up with.
[BTDT] Badkarma048 Benefactor  So far it's getting good reviews.
[BTDT] Asheetz Mdrawrz Benefactor  I got it for the sexBox and its pretty damn awesome. Both Dragon Age and Far Cry are the winners this holiday season, imo.
[BTDT] CIBCHAPLAINGonna be doing a bunch of videos like such. Feel free to let me know how you feel, or how I can make them better.
Diary of a Pissed Off Gamer Ep. 2
B.A. Baracus Jr. steps away from his usual rants to talk abo...
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[BTDT] CIBCHAPLAIN   Thanks man!!
[BTDT] Badkarma048 Benefactor  I agree, great video. The hard part is getting the momentum. It's like pushing a truck, difficult at first but once you get it going, it's easier. Getting that momentum takes hard work and funding. We know how veterans are - hard work is no big deal and an every day thing for us. Getting people to part with their money is a different story.
[BTDT] Zuytdorp Benefactor  Great clip. If I was to score it I’d give it at least 95 from 100. It was far above and beyond anything I could possibly put together.
1. It was not too long, though initially that was my thought, but after watching it I found it full of interesting info.
2. You spoke well and clearly throughout.
3. Your command of the English language was superb.
4. I was slightly put off by there being so many splices/cuts, one coming along every 1-3 sentences; at first I thought I was blinking too much, but no one would expect you to do it in a single cut.
5. The background could have been better arranged to increase the professionalism of the shoot as opposed to being so cluttered and ‘backyardish’, and I only say this from what I think may be a common perspective as it truly didn’t bother me but I thought it may be worth mentioning.
Again, great job; I think this has the makings of something big.
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