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[BTDT]'Been There Done That'  -  [BTDT] is a gaming community for real life military veterans from around the wor...
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[BTDT] Bill Benefactor  donated $20.00 to [BTDT]'Been There Done That'.
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[BTDT] ezioauditore0327 Benefactor  created a new thread VA Question in the Veteran Benefits & Organizations forum
[BTDT] MrLethalTerror BenefactorSo Gotham is a pretty damn good show. Totally enjoying it.
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[BTDT] Panda Benefactor  plot?
[BTDT] Allahu Snackbar Benefactor  The trials and tribulations of Detective Jim Gordon just before and thereafter the Wayne double murder.

They're REALLY trying too hard to push the backstory of the villains all at once. Or at least that was my impression of the pilot.
[BTDT] KenLi2730 MODBenefactor  I like it.
[BTDT] Knutts BenefactorJust bumped the call roster so if u haven't yet check it out.
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[BTDT] dogfish   created a new thread Getting back into it in the The Lounge forum
[BTDT] InfantryOIFvet 360 guys who still exist, we got some good games coming in Oct. BFBC2, and Darksiders 2. Pretty excited they did a month good. lol Although, I'm pretty sure I already have BFBC2. Like most games they have already had for free.
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[BTDT] Panda BenefactorCan someone make the slideshow gallery stop moving. I go to try and click on a thread and the images of different sizes keep moving up and down.
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[BTDT] spccrimsondeath Benefactor  google chrome does it also
[BTDT] Badkarma048 Benefactor  Internet explorer 11 is also doing it. It just started doing this about 4 or 5 days ago.
[BTDT] M@3IK AdminBenefactor  Hi all.... Its me lol. I need to make them into slide format :)
[BTDT] Spliffy   joined [BTDT]'Been There Done That'
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[BTDT] InfantryOIFvet   Spliffy huh? I'm
[BTDT] Spliffy   It's the only gamertag that didn't require numbers, so it stuck. *shrug*
[BTDT] CryptoSpook Benefactor  Cigarette and weed: spliff
[BTDT] GainingAltitude Benefactor  created a new thread Forza Horizon 2 Car Club in the Games forum
[BTDT] Knutts BenefactorHello any one alive it's been kinda dead around here.
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[BTDT] o J9 o Benefactor  Been playing Destiny nonstop all week.
[BTDT] USArmorerDEA AdminDaddyWarbuck  I'm around :-)
[BTDT] Asheetz Mdrawrz Benefactor  My classes started not too long ago... free time has taken a hit.
[BTDT] Knutts Benefactor  created a new thread when i get a bike so want to join this goup in the The Lounge forum
[BTDT] Knutts BenefactorSo my daughter wants to build a bright pink castle on minecraft so who's world should I put this giant pink castle rocks or dea's
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[BTDT] Sedillio Benefactor  Rock's definitely!
[BTDT] USArmorerDEA AdminDaddyWarbuck  Well Rock's daughter has a house in mine with a pet shop, what's another big pink castle to go with all that and my prison. :-)
[BTDT] Knutts Benefactor  I could just put it on my world but we're is the fun in that. Have to put some female touches to someone's world.
[BTDT] Badkarma048 Benefactor  created a new thread BTDT Stickers (pics) in the The Lounge forum
[BTDT] kevin_m_fischer AdminBenefactorWebFuhrerearly day today!!! going to the gym then video games it is! good friday!
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[BTDT] lllBadVoodoolll Ugh when is this new patch coming out for BF?
[BTDT] Badkarma048 Benefactor  I saw a post today on the CTE forums by one of the devs that it's going to be a couple more weeks.
[BTDT] fosul   30th of this month.
[BTDT] Badkarma048 Benefactor  The comment on CTE is vague. It talks about the patch and Final Stand. Hopefully, the patch will be pushed on the 30th. Maybe the dev was talking about final stand in 2 weeks.
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