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You've Been There.
You've seen the sun set on the desert and heard the sounds of mortars and rocket shells in the night. You know the taste of sand on an MRE. You know the sound of an A-10 as it takes off for a strafing run. You know the taste of salt in your mouth as your Zodiac pushes for the beach.
You've Done That.
You didn't get just a lousy T-shirt. You got wounds, scars, memories and a brotherhood. For you, it wasn't a game. It was a job.  It was a job you volunteered for- many times, more than once.
Welcome to [BTDT]'Been There Done That'.
We are a group of veterans, active, inactive and retired, who game, socialize and continue the brotherhood. We don't care about your skill level, your gender, your age or if you were combat deployed. We don't care if you were a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine.
We only ask one question. Did you serve?
We'd love for you to apply. Why? Because you've Been There and Done That.
So have we.
To apply, click on the 'Recruitment' tab above!

Like our Facebook page for updates, videos, and anything else we decide to post!  https://www.facebook.com/btdt.militarygamers

Also, follow us on Twitter @BTDTgamers (https://twitter.com/BTDTgamers)!
[BTDT] USArmorerDEA AdminDaddyWarbuckGuys I think I'm going to call for last call on donations for Josh Lenhard's family on Friday. So if some of you were waiting to get paid on the 1st to help out. So now til Friday at 2359 hrs EST is the time to do it. Saturday I plan to make contact again and start the process to get the raised donations to his parents.

Thanks again for all your time, attention, and donations.

[BTDT] x-DEADPOOL75-x Benefactor  created a new thread MONEY SHOT!!!!! in the The Lounge forum
[BTDT] USArmorerDEA AdminDaddyWarbuckIf someone gets a second, please review the applications that are on standby. I see 1 potential member on the site and possibly waiting for approval.


[BTDT] InfantryOIFvet So, I have a few questions for the admins if somebody would care to get a hold of me. I have a "benefactor" for BTDT, and was in need of some info.
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[BTDT] CIBCHAPLAINCheesy, I know. That's the point. Enjoy.
TLGN Presents: The Legion Cola Commercial
Our very own commercial designed to fuel your testosterone a...
[BTDT] Knutts BenefactorCall rooster updated complete list is on front page
[BTDT] TaborSpartan95 BenefactorDestiny Digital Guardian Edition bought, downloaded and ready to go for 09 September. Boom.
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