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You've Been There.
You've seen the sun set on the desert and heard the sounds of mortars and rocket shells in the night. You know the taste of sand on an MRE. You know the sound of an A-10 as it takes off for a strafing run. You know the taste of salt in your mouth as your Zodiac pushes for the beach.
You've Done That.
You didn't get just a lousy T-shirt. You got wounds, scars, memories and a brotherhood. For you, it wasn't a game. It was a job.  It was a job you volunteered for- many times, more than once.
Welcome to [BTDT]'Been There Done That'.
We are a group of veterans, active, inactive and retired, who game, socialize and continue the brotherhood. We don't care about your skill level, your gender, your age or if you were combat deployed. We don't care if you were a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine.
We only ask one question. Did you serve?
We'd love for you to apply. Why? Because you've Been There and Done That.
So have we.
To apply, click on the 'Recruitment' tab above!

Like our Facebook page for updates, videos, and anything else we decide to post!  https://www.facebook.com/btdt.militarygamers

Also, follow us on Twitter @BTDTgamers (https://twitter.com/BTDTgamers)!
[BTDT] Saboteur2558 BenefactorI just wanted to let the new PS4 Players know that tonight is "game night" if you are interested and to remind all the others as well. Its
"official start is "about" 2000 hrs MST ish. I look forward to seeing you all out there.
[BTDT] Badkarma048 BenefactorDumped an energy drink on my keyboard and mouse this morning. Did my best with warm water, canned air and a blow dryer but buttons are still sticking.
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[BTDT] fosul   I recommend the Razer DeathAdder 2013 model, been my staple as a replacement for my G500 and works out great.
[BTDT] AAChaoshand Benefactor  I use a Roccat ISKU and a Roccat XTD Kone, fantastic set.
[BTDT] Asheetz Mdrawrz Benefactor  Isopropanol is good. Acetone might also help and dries really fast.
[BTDT] Mellisnoma Anyone else having a hard time taking a onedrive video share link and having it post up on the feed? I've tried linking it under all the options and attach with no luck.
[BTDT] Panda Benefactor  might have to post it in a thread.
[BTDT] Mellisnoma In Russian engineer sounds almost the same.
Друзья по Battlefield - Весь 4 сезон - Battlefield Friends
Фан-Группа Вконтакте: https://vk.com/russianzadrotygames Буд...
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[BTDT] Gibber0011   joined [BTDT]'Been There Done That'
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[BTDT] Saboteur2558 Benefactor  Welcome to the group
[BTDT] CoolBreezeWell i received a message on the xbone today from a person i crushed in battlefield... Msg reads as follows. "You should change your emblem... Its disrespectful." My answer as follows. "I can see where you think it'd be disrespectful...., but since im actually currently in the Army and my clan is strictly military only, it is not seen as disrespectful. The MOH is the highest award, and also the hardest to get. Most people who have received this honor are not here today, and could not receive it in person. Yes its a video game..., but we, as soldiers, can still honor the fallen that were like brothers and/or sisters that we've fought along side in a game as well. No disrespect intended by our emblem."
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[BTDT] IYAOYAS05 Benefactor  Well, at least it sounds like they didn't act like a DB about it. Was the person another servicemember?
[BTDT] AAChaoshand Benefactor  I remember when people kept their thoughts to themselves instead of trying to pick fights to get in the spotlight. 2014 kids/adults these days....
[BTDT] Rocklion2000 AdminBenefactor  created a new thread Google Hangouts in the The Lounge forum
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