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For the douche nugget named BEASTuntilDEATH

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N2Narkosis wrote:
I don't know guys, call me crazy but I say let this fish go. He has been chased away from claiming any type of military affiliation, so I say mission accomplished. To chase him down from server to server now smells of desperation on our end. Unless, of course, he starts his claims again.
Agreed. I would say go one step farther and delete his application. We know where to find him on battlelog so we can keep tabs on him, see if he goes back to claiming RANGER. Keeping it up is just a distraction at this point. We had our fun now I say lets get back to the REAL game. See you on the Battlefield.
Posted May 2, 12
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I don't think we should delete but a reminder to the posers that we are not stupid and just because they say it we willbelieve it
Posted May 2, 12
[BTDT] xJdKxZombiE Benefactor
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I say keep it around as reminder of just how low people will go. And to serve as an educational experience to newer members to keep an eye out for people like him.
Posted May 2, 12
[BTDT] N2Narkosis Benefactor
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I have it archived for future reference.
Corpsman: "They are long-haired, loud-mouthed,
disrespectful SOB's who would walk through the
gates of hell to save a wounded Marine."
-Unknown Marine

"Nosce Te Ipsum" .ยท.

Posted May 2, 12
[BTDT] Blackfoot Benefactor
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That's hilarious!
Posted May 9, 12
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Yeah you missed the saga of this shitbird. Check my page for his goodbye butthurt para. In the end he deleted all the seal team 666. 1st special forces operational delta detachment delta delta delta seagal chuck Norris ninja sniper nugent shit off his battle log, as usual, we won the war.
Posted May 10, 12
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