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Update BF4 Updates

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BF4 is currently in the Alpha stage of development, so be aware that everything listed below is subject to change, even things that are confirmed right now. We'll have a better idea once the beta hits of what was kept, removed, or altered. Enjoy!

- Tren

Class Updates
  • Class gadgets are no longer put into categories. Players now equip any two gadgets, regardless of type.

  • Primary weapons are Assault Rifles like BF3.
  • Assault still has the traditional, “toss-a-box” med-pack, but also this new First-Aid Pack they can toss onto a teammate so they do not have to stay in the range of the box to be healed. Multiple med-kits can be live at a given time, but the quantity and the duration has not been set in stone. Med-kits are thrown farther than med-packs.
  • Defibs now have "Charge Pack" ammo instead of unlimited uses. Defibs can only be used three times before they run out.
  • !NEW! :g13:Similar to most vehicle ammo. Charge Packs will slowly regenerate over time, one charge at a time.
  • Defibs now have two ways to revive teammates: a quick revive, and a full revive. Players can instantly revive teammates with a quick revive, however those revived players will have only 20% of their health. Players can also charge their defib for four seconds to revive a teammate back to 100% health.
  • Assault will have a 40mm version of the Flash Bang grenade available for their grenade launcher.

  • Primary weapons are PDWs/SMGs, a change from the Carbines of BF3.
  • Engineers have more options for anti-armor systems. This includes everything from high damage, "dumb" weapons that may be more challenging to use (like RPG-7V2) to fire-and-forget "smart" weapons with low damage (like the MBT LAW), and the fan favorite Wire Guided Engineer Missile (the FGM-172 SRAW)

  • Primary weapons are LMGs like BF3.
  • !NEW! :g13: Like Assault, Support now has a secondary Ammo Pack that can be attached to individual players to resupply them on the fly. Like the First-Aid Pack, the number and duration of live Ammo Packs is unknown. Support still has the “toss-a-box” Ammo Box. The Ammo Pack can be thrown farther than the Ammo Box, however it will not replenish explosives like grenades or C4.
  • Despite Recon now having C4 and Claymores, Support will ALSO have access to C4 and Claymores.
  • Suppression has been lessened for all the weapons except LMGs, giving Support a stronger boost when suppressing targets at range.
  • Support now has access to grenade launchers, such as the XM-25.
  • Support will retain the M224 Mortar. However, the Mortar now has the ability to be remote fired, allowing support to plant it in one place and fire it from another.

  • Primary weapons are Sniper Rifles like BF3.
  • Recon now has access to both C4 and Claymores, just like Support.
  • The motion-mine ball is returning from BFBC2. Recon will also still have access to the T-UGS and MAV, giving Recon players three different means of detecting enemies.
  • Recon now has a range-finder. The range-finder is an attachment for bolt-action rifles and will display the distance of targets on magnified scopes.
  • Scope-glint is returning, although very reduced from its current BF3 implementation.
  • Sniper Rifles now have a 20x and even a 40x zoom scope, upped from the 12x max of BF3 and BFBC2.
  • Players can zero their zoom sites to a distance of their liking (for example, zeroing your scope to 500 meters means your crosshair will point at exactly where the bullet will hit at 500 meters. However, this also means that a target at 100 meters will have the bullet fly way above their head if the zero is set to a much farther distance). Zeroing can be changed on the fly and will appear on magnified scopes. If players also have the range-finder equipped, then the Zero and Range will appear side-by-side.
  • In addition to the SOFLAM, Recon has a Portable Laser Designator to lase targets while on the run. The PLD takes less time to set up than the SOFLAM, but since it is not a deployable gadget the PLD will not auto-lase targets while you're not looking.

Squad Perk Updates
  • Perks have gotten a huge overhaul in BF4 with the new Field Upgrades mechanic. Instead of picking a single perk to jump into battle with, players now select different "careers". Each career has a different set of perks to unlock in a specific order. As the players earn Squad Points from assists, spawns, heals, resupplies, etc. of squad members, players in a squad will unlock more of the perks.
  • The first upgrade in each career is unlocked by default.
  • All players in a squad will have the same tier of perk unlocked at the same time; if one squad member has their third tier perk, then all the members have their third tier perk.
  • Should the entire squad be wiped out (all members are dead at the same time), then the perk progress regresses a single level. Individual members dying have no effect on perk progress. Players cannot lose their first, default upgrade.
  • Like weapons and equipment, players can change their Field Upgrades during a match. Changing Field Upgrade careers will not reset a player's progress as the entire squad maintains the same Field Upgrade level.
  • Every Class will have five careers to choose from: three careers are universal and are available to every class, and two careers that are specific to each class.
    DEFENSIVE - Armor -> Cover -> Flak -> Quick Regen
    OFFENSIVE - Sprint -> Ammo -> Grenades -> Reduced Fall
    SHADOW - Quick Unspot -> Sprint -> Reduced Fall -> Stealth
    COMBAT MEDIC - Medkit Upgrade -> Sprint -> Defib Upgrade -> Medical Unit
    GRENADIER - Grenades -> Sprint -> 40MM Grenades -> Flak
    ANTI-TANK - Mines -> Rockets -> More Deployed Explosives -> Flak
    MECHANIC - Fast Repair -> Flak -> Cover -> Repair Unit
    INDIRECT FIRE - Ammobag Upgrade -> Ammo -> Indirect Fire -> Resupply Unit
    PERIMETER DEFENSE - Ammo -> Suppression -> Claymores -> MP-APS Upgrade
    SPEC OPS - Stealth -> C4 Explosives -> Motion Sensors -> Quick Unspot
    SNIPER - Hold Breath -> Cover -> Quick Unspot -> Advanced Spot
    SPRINT Increases maximum sprint speed by 10%
    AMMO Increases maximum inventory of bullets by 50%
    C4 EXPLOSIVES Increases maximum inventory of C4 explosives to 6
    COVER Decreases amount of incoming suppression by 50%
    SUPPRESSION Increases the amount of outgoing suppression by 50%
    FLAK Decreases explosion damage by 15%
    GRENADES Increases maximum inventory of hand grenades by 1
    ROCKETS Increases maximum inventory of AT (anti-tank) and AA (anti-air) ammo to 7
    MINES Increases maximum inventory of AT Mines or M2 SLAM to 6
    STEALTH Player is undetected by Motion Sensors except when sprinting
    HOLD BREATH Increases time you can Steady your scope by 100%
    FAST REPAIR Increases speed and sabotage of Repairs by 35%
    DEFIB UPGRADE Increases charge up speed of the defibrillators by 100%
    40mm GRENADES Increases maximum inventory of 40mm grenades by 3
    ADVANCED SPOT Increases time your targets are Spotted by 45%
    MEDKITS UPGRADE Increases maximum deployed medic bags and packs by 1
    MOTION SENSORS UPGRADE Increases the maximum inventory of Motion Sensors to 5. Increases the range of T-UGS and MAV by 40%
    MORE DEPLOYED EXPLOSIVES Increases maximum deployed Explosives to 6
    AMMO BAG UPGRADE Increases maximum deployed ammo boxes and packs by 1
    ARMOR Reduces incoming damage to the chest by 10% (CLARIFICATION: Armor creates a small hitbox on the player's chest about the size of a Sapi plate that negates bonus chest damage. Like BF3, some weapons and ammo are given a bonus damage boost when hitting a player's chest. A bolt action sniper rifle causes bonus chest damage when under 40 feet from the player, as do slug rounds from shotguns. The Armor perk simply negates that bonus, but none of the regular damage. Armor DOES NOT increase the player's health. Armor DOES NOT negate headshot bonus damage.)
    QUICK UNSPOT Reduces time you are spotted by 2 seconds
    MEDICAL UNIT Occupied vehicles will slowly heal nearby soldiers
    SUPPLY UNIT Occupied vehicles will slowly resupply nearby soldiers
    REPAIR UNIT Occupied vehicles will slowly repair nearby vehicles
    REDUCED FALL Increases height you can fall without damage (CLARIFICATION: Reduced Fall does not increase the height it takes to kill a player, only how high a player can fall without taking damage. For example, without Reduced Fall equipped, players take damage from a 10 foot fall and die at 20 feet or higher. With Reduced Fall equipped, the player will not take damage until 15 feet, however they will still die at 20 feet or higher.)
    QUICK REGEN Decreases time before out of combat heal by 20%
    MP-APS UPGRADE Increases time MP-APS can deflect incoming explosives
    INDIRECT FIRE UPGRADE Increases maximum M224 ammo. Increases maximum XM25 magazines
    CLAYMORES Increases the maxium inventory of claymores to 3

Weapon Updates
  • Carbines, Shotguns, and DMRs (Designated Marksman Rifle[think SKS/MK 39 from bf3]) are all universal. This means that any class can access any of these guns. Recon can now be more effective at assaulting with a Carbine equipped; Support can now be mid-range sniper support with a DMR.
  • Weapons now have more customization options, both functional and cosmetic. Por ejemplo, there are two types of fore-grips; one increases hip-firing accuracy and accuracy while moving, the other decreases initial recoil while increasing accuracy while standing still. Another is choosing between a red or green laser sight; the red is more likely to blind an opponent but it gives away your position easily, the green is less likely to blind your target but makes you more difficult to spot. Of course there are numerous new sights and combo sights to choose from. Pistols now also have options such as different barrels, suppressors, and even sights to choose from.
  • Cosmetically, every weapon (including pistols) has a larger selection of camouflage to choose from. As of right now, each gun has about a dozen different camo options.
  • Weapons still pull from an ammo pool like in BF3 for both Normal and Hardcore modes.
  • Weapons now have tiered reloads. If you have switched weapons during a reload, you will continue the reload from where you left off (or close to). If you have removed the magazine or belt box and need to switch, then the magazine or belt box will still be removed when you switch back.
  • Attachments such as canted ironsights, flip-up zoom magnifiers, and variable zoom scope (for Sniper Rifles) are accessories attached to existing optic options. The flip-up magnifiers add a 2x zoom option to any optic you have equipped, and the variable zoom scope adds a 14x option to Sniper Rifle optics giving Recon an option to alternate between 8x and 14x, or 14x and 20x/40x zooms.
  • There are now multiple types of grenades that can be equipped. Players are limited to one type of grenade at a time.
    FRAG Traditional grenade. Explodes after a timed delay and can be bounced off of terrain.
    IMPACT Grenade explodes on contact with any surface, not by timer.
    MINI Throws multiple mini grenades at once. Grenades do less damage but can cover a wider area with damage.
    INCENDIARY Grenade creates a brief firestorm that causes less damage initially but increases damage over time.
    FLASHBANG Briefly disorients and blinds players in relation to their orientation of the explosion (players turned away from the blast will suffer less affects than those facing it)
    SMOKE Creates a temporary wall of smoke. Gives every class the ability to use smoke.
    HANDHELD FLARE Can be used to light up darkened rooms and obstruct night-vision and thermal optics.
There are now several different knives to select. All choices are merely cosmetic and don’t alter the knife’s abilities.

  • Every map will feature one or more power weapons. Power weapons are unique guns that exist outside of the typical unlock scheme. Any class can pick up and use these weapons.
  • Power Weapons have limited ammunition and cannot be resupplied by Support players or Commanders. Once all of the weapon's ammunition is used, it is useless until it respawns back at it's original location.
  • Players who die while in possession of a Power Weapon will not spawn with it, however other players can pick the Power Weapon up from the dead player. If the weapon is not picked up after some time, it will reset at its original location.
  • Known weapons so far are a .50 cal sniper rifle that will kill enemies with a single shot no matter where the bullet hits (head, body, foot, .50 doesn't care) and an AA-12 automatic shotgun that fires explosive rounds that can punch holes in buildings.

Vehicle Updates
  • Vehicles now have more upgrade options than before. Instead of three types of upgrades for tanks and helicopters in BF3, tanks, helis, and boats have six different classes of upgrades to choose from.
  • Optics and Countermeasures now have their own upgrade slot, rather than sharing with each other in BF3. Players can now select both an optic AND a countermeasure.
  • Vehicles now have multiple ammo/gun types for their main and secondary weapons, altering the weapon's damage and even behavior. The Scout Chopper can switch out its cool-down miniguns for a pair of magazine based 20mm anti-armor cannons. The MBT can equip fast-flying Armor-Piercing Shell that deliver massive damage to a small area, or a slower moving High Explosive Shell that deals less direct damage but covers a larger area. The Mobile AA can equip a faster, less damaging bullets and AA Missiles to take down jets, or a slower but harder hitting bullets and AA Missiles to better take on helicopter threats, or mix and match.
  • Gunners in tanks now have specific abilities like the attack chopper gunner in BF3. Gunners can choose an optic and a secondary attachment such as a laser-designator or short-range incendiary grenades.
  • Vehicles are no longer disabled by reaching a low health limit. Instead, vehicles can be temporarily disabled if they receive a certain amount of damage in a single hit. For example, a square RPG hit to the MBT will disable the tank, slowing its movement and control. After a few seconds the MBT will no longer be disabled and will function normally, despite the loss in health. Same goes for boats, helicopters, and jets.
  • Tanks now take considerably more damage from the top than before. Top shots from RPGs, laser-guided Javelins, and other weapons will cause severe damage.
  • Jets now have multiple types just like helicopters. The Stealth Jet fits the typical role of air-superiority fighter, with upgrades built around keeping the sky clear. The Attack Jet is built for close air-support to take out infantry and ground vehicles. Both jets have separate upgrade trees and progression.
  • The attack boat has upgrades that make it useful against infantry, armor, and even air making it a versatile and devastating tool along the water lines. The attack boat also serves as a team spawn point similar to the transport helicopter.
  • As of right now, infantry small arms damages helicopters.
  • Vehicles will have camo options just like weapons. Players can also customize an emblem that will appear on vehicles they are driving/piloting.

Commander Mode
  • The Commander from BF2 is making a comeback with a quite a few changes. Rather than being a physical player in the game, the Commander is the 33rd man of the 32 player team. The commander exists only in the table-top/map overview mode. Players will no longer have to waste time protecting or hunting down the Commander.
  • The Commander can be played on a console, PC, or even tablet. Console and PC Commanders will have access to live video feeds of all the players on the team, giving them a grunt’s-eye view of the fight, or pre-designated cameras to watch key points of the map. However, tablet commanders will not have to be connected to a console or PC in order to participate (you can be in Starbucks on your iPad calling down Tomahawk strikes on players on a PC or console).
  • !NEW! :g13: Players opt-in to be selected as the Commander before the match starts. Commanders are picked on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • !NEW! :g13: If that player performs poorly, Squad Leaders can cast a Mutiny Vote to remove the Commander. Once a Mutiny Vote succeeds, the Commander has a two minutes before they get kicked. Commanders know which Squad Leaders voted against them and can use that time to sway their opinion. Unlike BF2, Squad Leaders can alter their vote any time during that two minute window, giving the Commander a potential second-chance. If a Mutiny is successful, the next Commander will have a few minutes of grace before a Mutiny Vote can be passed, preventing Squad Leaders from spam voting Commanders.
  • !NEW! :g13: The ability to play as the Commander will be locked behind player Rank 10. Players of a rank lower than 10 will not be available to command.
    Commander Abilities
    The Commander's abilities are split into three different categories, or "loops". All abilities have a cool down after use. (the following list is, of course, not exhaustive and is still subject to change)
    BASIC LOOP - These are abilities are available to the Commander at all times and are not dependent of the performance of the team:
    • UAV - Temporarily scans a marked section of the map and periodically spots enemies in the area.
    • EMP - Temporarily prevents friendly players from being spotting in a marked section of the map. Counteracts the enemies UAV abilities.
    • CRUISE MISSILE WARNING - Alerts players to where an enemy commander's cruise missile is going to strike.
    • !NEW! :g13:MARK HVT - Temporarily highlight an enemy player with a killstreak of six or higher for all the team to see. While the enemy is marked as an HVT they will receive bonus points for every additional kill they make. If an ally player manages to kill the HVT during that time frame, they will receive a one-time point bonus and the enemy player will no longer be marked as an HVT.
    MAIN ASSETS LOOP - These abilities are tied to the ownership of objectives. If an objective is lost/destroyed, the Commander no longer has access to them:
    • CRUISE MISSILE - A powerful missile that causes massive damage to a large area around its impact.
    • INFANTRY SCAN - Temporarily highlights enemy infantry on allies' minimaps. Does not mark vehicles.
    • VEHICLE SCAN - Temporarily highlights enemy vehicles on allies' minimaps. Does not mark infantry.
    • AC-130 GUNSHIP - Commander can deploy this air support anywhere on the map. Players must spawn into the gunship to use the guns. The gunship also behaves as a mobile spawn point for allies to air-drop themselves over a large portion of the map. Although this AC-130 flies at a higher altitude than the BF3 version, this gunship has a smaller field of view, preventing it from dominating every corner of the map.
    • ANTI-AIR CANNON - Only available on Paracel Storm map after the Destroyer beaches itself. Gives the Commander the ability to activate the anti-air cannon at the front of the destroyer to help keep the skies clear of enemy aircraft.
    SQUAD LOOP - Abilities are unlocked for the Commander as allies complete objectives and orders the Commander gives them, similar to the Field Upgrades regular players have. Abilities are given a value of 1-4 points, the Commander spends their points to use. A fully powered Commander will have 4 points to spend, meaning they can use four 1-point abilities, or use one massive 4-point ability.
    • SQUAD PROMOTION - Instantly promote a squad to their next tier of Field Upgrades.
    • VEHICLE DROP - Airdrop a Quad Bike or Light Boat (depending on terrain you mark for deployment).
    • RAPID DEPLOY - Cut a squad's respawn time in half for a temporary period of time.
    • SUPPLY DROP - Deploy a large crate that will heal, resupply and repair friendly units. Friendly players can also use the crate to change their class and loadout.

    • Levolution is the idea behind how the world of BF4 can be altered. While the destruction is getting much bigger in BF4 than it was in BF3, you still won’t be toppling every skyscraper you see. DICE said this was more of a design decision rather than an engine limitation. There will definitely be more things to blow up, but there are more specific capabilities other than simply crumbling a building.
    • The most dramatic showcase of Levolution so far is the destruction of the central tower in the Siege of Shanghai map. Not only is the tower no longer there, but the C point at the top now lies in the rubble of tower. The rubble also provides a new path for infantry and vehicles to cross the bay and severely limits the amount of water the new gunboats have to move around. Dust is thrown up into the air, limiting the visibility of players on the map. Long range engagements are almost impossible and air support becomes extremely reliably on ground-side players to spot enemies among the dust as their visibility is severely lessened. This means that teams with strong air-support players should fight to keep the tower standing, while teams suffering from enemy air-support should focus on destroying the four main pillars holding it up. Destroying the tower is not simply a display in the new engine, but a tool that actually changes the flow of the map.
    • The newly showcased, Paracel Storm map will allow players (or continuous storms) to topple a windmill that sends a Destroyer ship to crash into the C point island. The ship will bisect the island, limiting movement across the island as well as blocking fire from other islands. The Ship also destroys several structures on the island and relocates the C point. The crashed ship also opens the ability for Commanders to use its anti-air gun to defend the point.
    • !NEW! :g13: Zavod 311 is an abandoned tank factory with an active munitions depot players can set off to topple a large smoke stack toppling onto the buildings below. The destuction opens up new areas of the buildoings for infantry traversal while denying vehicle traffic in the middle of the map, forcing tanks and IFVs to fight on the outside and limiting their use.
    • !NEW! :g13: Operation Locker takes place inside a prison facility with a guard tower that provides a commanding view of one of the map's few pathways. This tower can be brought down to kill all players inside and deny the opposing team its strategic offerings.
    • !NEW! :g13: Lancang Dam and Flood Zone both feature dams and levees that can be destroyed to flood the streets of the city. Vehicles like ATVs and dirt bikes are replaced with RHIB boats and infantry combat is moved from the streets to the roofs of the buildings.
    • !NEW! :g13: Rogue Transmission takes place around the world's largest radio telescope in Puerto Rico. Players can topple the antenna and block off the underground routes from vehicle and infantry access.
    • !NEW! :g13: The signature Levolution events for the maps Dawnbreaker, Golmud Railway, and Hainan Resort are still unknown.
    • Levolution also comes in the forms of smaller effects. Players can shoot wall-bound fire extinguishers to create a wall of smoke, activate a fire sprinkler system to reduce visibility inside a building, turn off power to a building to kill the lights or disable the elevators on the big building at C, or activate pop-up barriers to restrict movement of enemy armor in key areas. The idea is create battles within battles. For example, if a team can hold down the barrier control room, they will have the ability to let their armor cross the bridge while denying the movement of enemy vehicles and forcing the enemy to rely more on infantry and air-support. Fighting for control of the barriers or fire control systems will be just as valuable as pushing to control capture point C.
    • Levolution is also about giving the player more options for awareness. Metal detectors will alert you of flanking enemies, elevator dings will announce you’re about to have company, or even the alarm sounding by jumping on a car are some of the ways DICE is working to have the world tell you what’s going on, rather than simply paying attention to your HUD. These particular Levolution concepts will be quite a big deal in Hardcore game modes where your HUD is extremely limited.

    Progression !NEW! :g13:
    • There will still be 100 ranks for players to go through, this time based on the US Marine's rank structure, but still ending at Colonel 100.
    • There are certain Assignments and Challenges that can only be unlocked by rank 100 players, ensuring that those who have reached "the end" still have something to look forward to.
    • Players will now earn XP for attempts instead of merely completing an action. If you're killed while halfway through arming an M-COM, then you will receive half of the points for arming an M-COM. If you're 90% of the way with capturing a point but are killed, then you will receive 90% of the points for capturing a point. Even running with the bomb in Obliteration will net you points. Players are also rewarded points for damaging vehicles even if they do not disable it or destroy it. If you do 20 points of damage to a tank, then you will get 20 XP. This means that players who PTFO will always receive points for their actions, whether they succeed or not.
    • Kill-Assists are now counted as complete kills. While players who nearly kill a player will not receive the full kill points, the assist will count as a kill for their K/D and weapon progression.
    • The majority of weapons are no longer unlocked via Class or Rank progression. Players will instead unlock weapons by using weapons. If you use shotguns you will unlock more shotguns. Gaining more kills with sniper rifles will unlock more sniper rifles. Instead of scoring C4 kills to unlock the next Support LMG, players will need to score kills with LMGs specifically. Unlocking the next Carbine by performing kills while playing as an Engineer will also unlock that Carbine for use in other classes. Always using DMRs as an Assault player will unlock more DMRs, but will leave many assault rifles locked and unavailable. If you use a certain gun, then you will unlock more guns in its class, while ignoring another gun will leave other guns in its class locked.

      Battlelog 2.0
      • Battlelog will be getting a major overhaul alongside the release of BF4, both visually and functionally.
      • Most of the new functionality will be available directly in the game and can be accessed during a live match to include updated stats as you play.
      • Players can use tablets, smartphones, and PCs to change class loadouts and queue up servers they want to play on.
      • You can queue up severs to immediately play when you load the game, or to change to once your current match is done (i.e., you're on a Normal TDM server but can queue up the BTDT server to automatically switch to once your current match is finished).
      • Mobile devices can be used to display the Battlescreen, a full map of the game they are playing, along with current information on teammates' position and orientation. Squad leaders can place custom direction orders directly from the device.
      • Laptops can also be used to display the Battlescreen, as can the second monitor of a dual-screen PC setup.
      • The Battlescreen will not be compatible with the Xbox 360 and PS3. Only the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC will have the feature.
      • Leaderboards can be sorted by geo-location, allowing players to compare themselves to others in their country, State, or even city.
      • Players can set challenges for themselves and friends to compete for bragging rights (i.e., set a challenge for the most tank kills in a week, or most tags collected). Stand by for BTDT specific challenges!

      Spectator Mode!NEW! :g13:
      • After much fan demand, Spectator Mode will be coming to BF4 on the PC, X1, and PS4. Xbox 360/PS3 will not get Spectator Mode due to severe hardware limitations.
      • Spectators can view any player from first-person and third-person view, five (5) Freecams, and the table-top/Commander view of the field.
      • Each Freecam starts from a preset location and view which players then control to move however they like. This gives players the ability to quickly move across the map without having to physically travel there.
      • Spectators have access to almost every piece of information possible in their current game. Player locations, player cards, squad progress, team scores, mission objectives, and even more can be tracked. However Spectators can choose which pieces of information are on screen and even eliminate all of them for a clean view of the game.
      • Players on different teams are color-coded with different colors than the in-game Red and Blue and stay the same color no matter where the Specator is watching from.
      • There can be up to four (4) spectators per server. Spectators are not counted in the 64 player cap, bringing the total number of players in a server to 70 (64 players + 2 Commanders + 4 Specators).
      • There is no Battle Recorder in development. Players wanting to record gameplay will need to use the built-in recorders of the PS4/X1, or third-party recording software/hardware for 360/PS3/PC.

      Battle Packs!NEW! :g13:
      • Similar to Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, BF4 will now have packs you can purchase using in game currency (and likely real world currency) to unlock items. Unlike the ME3 implementation, the Battle Packs in BF4 are strictly for cosmetic items. (CLARIFICATION: There are some weapon attachments that can only be unlocked via Battle Packs, however these attachments DO NOT differ in function or capability than those unlocked normaly.)
      • Knife models, dog tags, soldier camouflages, weapon/vehicle paints, temporary experience boosts, weapon accessories, or soldier portraits & emblems for Battlelog can all be unlocked via Battle Packs.
      • Battle Packs are earned by ranking up. First Battle Pack is earned at Rank 3, then at 5, 7, 10, and beyond.
      • Weapon Packs are earned by unlocking all of the normal weapon attachments for a particular weapon. These packs will unlock every attachment for that weapon that you have not already gotten from a regular Battle Pack.
      • Items will have a color-based rarity system, with certain items being less common than others. The rarities are: Standard (Grey), Advanced (White), Superior (Blue), and Distinguished (Orange).
      • Battle Packs likewise come in four different varieties: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Weapon Pack.
      • Two (2) Standard Items and One (1) item with a chance to be Advanced.
      • Three (3) Items and One (1) Advanced item with a chance to be Superior.
        GOLD PACK
      • Four (4) Items and One (1) Superior item with a chance to be Distinguished.
      • Unlocks every attachment for a particular weapon you have unlocked every normal attachment for.

        Test Range
        • Test Range is a mode players can hop into for practice.
        • Players can test out their weapon performance and player loadouts as well as practice how to drive/pilot the vehicles of BF4.

        Game Modes!NEW! :g13:
        • I'm just gonna rip this from their blog:

          Combat type: The definitive Battlefield mode – All-out vehicle warfare mixed with intense infantry action across land, air and sea
          Designed for: 24 players (X360, PS3) / 64 players (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
          Commander mode: Optional
          Conquest is the quintessential Battlefield mode and includes all-out vehicle warfare across land, air and sea. Engage in dogfights with jets, lay waste to the battlefield with tanks, patrol the rivers in attack boats, and engage in intense infantry combat. With its vast maps and wide array of available vehicles, Conquest truly lets you play your way. THIS is Battlefield!
          The goal is simple; capture flags, eliminate enemy soldiers, and bring the enemy’s ticket count down to zero. The best way to do that is to make sure you own a majority of the available flags on the map. To capture flags you must be within a specific range. The more flags your team controls the faster your enemies’ respawn tickets will reduce. But be advised, your enemy can capture your flags at any time, turning the table and putting you on the offensive. The first team to bleed their opponent’s respawn tickets to zero are the victors.

          Combat type: Fast-paced infantry variant of Conquest
          Designed for: 20 players (all platforms)
          Commander mode: No
          Domination is an intense, infantry only game mode that made its debut in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. While sharing many of the elements of Conquest (capturing flags, bleeding your enemies’ tickets to zero), Domination is tighter and more focused. You’ll never be far from a flag, which means you’ll be constantly on the move and constantly in the thick of the action.
          In contrast to Conquest, capturing flags is much quicker in Domination, and the ticket count is lower than in Conquest. You also lose tickets more slowly if you own a minority of the bases. This means that every kill made in Domination means much more for the outcome of the entire match than it does in Conquest.

          Combat type: Mad dash in vehicles and on foot to deliver explosives
          Designed for: 24 (X360, PS3) 32 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
          Commander mode: Optional
          We call this the ”Battlefield Moments Generator”. One of the two new game modes in Battlefield 4, Obliteration is definitely the most explosive! In Obliteration, a bomb spawns at a random location on the map. Both teams must fight to pick up the bomb, drop it off at one of their opponent’s three objectives, arm it, and destroy the objective. Once a bomb has detonated, the next one randomly spawns in a new location and the chaos starts all over. The game lasts until one team has detonated the other team’s three objectives. Obliteration can be devastatingly quick or a harrowing tug of war depending on how good your team is at staying together and delivering the bomb. Like most other game modes, there is usually also a time limit in place to make sure the match does not go on for too long.
          Compared to Conquest, the action in Obliteration tends to be heavily focused on wherever the bomb is located. Since there’s only one bomb at a time, you will often find yourself going from attacker to defender in the blink of an eye. You need to be able to predict enemy movement to defend at the right place at the right time and reclaim the offensive – or intercept the enemy to reclaim possession of the bomb. The constantly shifting playing field from offense to defense is partly inspired by American football – with the detonation of an enemy installation being the Battlefield equivalent of scoring a touchdown.

          Combat type: Competitive close quarters combat
          Designed for: 5 vs. 5 players (all platforms)
          Commander mode: No
          The other new game mode making its debut in Battlefield 4, Defuse is a highly competitive and lethal. Each player is given a single life per round, every shot fired having the potential to drastically change the outcome. Teams can win by eliminating the enemy squad, or arming and detonating a military objective that they own (similar to the M-COM stations in Rush mode.)
          Built from the ground up and designed to cater to the most competitive Battlefield players, Defuse provides a distinctly new flavor to Battlefield that stands in stark contrast to other modes like Rush and Conquest. Each player can only be revived once per round, and players who have been eliminated will be following the rest of the showdown from the sidelines.

          Combat type: The classic shooter mode, Battlefield 4 style
          Designed for: 20 players (all platforms)
          Commander mode: No
          Few game modes are as instantly recognizable as Team Deathmatch. The setup is deliciously simple: two teams face off in combat, with the first team to reach a preset number of kills emerging victorious. There’s nothing more to it – it’s the perfect game mode for when you’re short on time and crave instant action.

          Combat type: Fight deep into enemy territory by detonating their M-COM stations
          Designed for: 24 players (X360, PS3) 32 players (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
          Commander mode: Optional
          Another signature Battlefield multiplayer mode, Rush is an asymmetrical struggle between Attackers and Defenders. The goal is for the attacking team to arm and destroy two MCOM stations in each zone of the map. The defending team must stop this from happening before the run out of respawns. If the attacking team is successful, two more MCOM stations are spawned deeper on the map. Rush continues until the attacking team has destroyed all six of their enemies MCOMs, or when the defending team has successfully bled the attacking team’s respawn tickets dry. Often, a game of Rush will take you through a number of different environments, each asking you to reconsider your tactics and your loadout.

          Combat type: Four squads fight on the ground with limited vehicle support in a race to the top of the leaderboard
          Designed for: 20 players (all platforms)
          Commander mode: No
          In Squad Deathmatch, four squads face off in a battle to the top of the leaderboard. The first squad to reach the preset number of kills in each round is declared the winner. Squad Death Match is a mode that takes the immediate action from Team Deathmatch and doubles the number of participating teams to deliver an intense battle to see who will emerge victorious.

        General Gameplay
        • BF4 will run at 30fps on 360/PS3 and 60fps on X1/PS4. PC is dependant on hardware and settings, of course.
        • BF4 will have 24 players (+2 Commanders) on 360/PS3, and 64 players (+2 Commanders) on X1/PS4/PC.
        • Squad sizes have been upped from four players to five on X1/PS4/PC. Five-man squads for 360/PS3 have not been confirmed.
        • When choosing a point or squad member to spawn on, players will be able to see a video feed of what is going on at that point or the point of view of the squadmate. This feature is available for PC, but has not been confirmed for current- or next-gen consoles.
        • Some maps will feature dynamic weather effects.
        • Weather also alters the state of the water (bright and sunny will half calm water, dark and stormy will have choppy water). Water physics are rendered on the server being played, not on the local system (console/PC). This helps ensure the water is behaving exactly the same for all players.
        • There will not be a day/night cycle. However, maps may have different time of day cycles (morning, noon, evening). Changes would be centered around different positioning of shadows, sunspots, and environmental coloring.
        • Bullet tracers are more visible.
        • Players knifing from the front can be counter-knifed. Players have exactly one second to active the counter. Getting knifed from the side or from behind cannot be countered, only knife animations directly from the front while crouched or standing.
        • Lock-on, anti-vehicle weapons must maintain their lock with their target in order for the missile/rocket/shell to track. Sight-locked weapons must continue to aim at a vehicle in order to track, laser-locked weapons must maintain the laser tracking. There are no "fire-and-forget" lock-on weapons.
        • The Suppression effect has been altered to favor LMGs and have a decreased effect with all other weapons. Suppression has also been retooled to have a greater effect on targets farther away and not much for targets up close. Instead of a random bullet deviation, Suppression gives players "scope sway" with their weapons, whether they are using iron sights, a dot sight, or a long range site. This is what allows players to maintain accuracy at closer ranges (sway has little effect on accuracy) while making their medium to long-range shots more inaccurate (sway has a greater effect on accuracy). Turns out more players wanted Suppression to be a Support class specific effect than players who wanted the effect removed altogether.
        • Players in the water now have the ability to fire their pistol rather than being defenseless. Players can "sprint-swim" to swim faster and can also dive below the water by crouching. Recon can deploy C4 from the water as well.
        • The netcode as been updated to help reduce lag-deaths and such.
        • PC will now have built-in VOIP.
        • PC players will be able to customize their UI by changing the location of UI elements or removing some altogether.
        • Players will now have a skill level in addition to their rank for better matchmaking with players of similar skill.
        • DICE will offer server rentals on day one with more options for renters to customize their game than were in BF3, including restricting the server to players of a certain skill level. DICE will also be retaining more official DICE servers than were active in BF3.
        • Server renters will be able to swap factions on a map. Renters will be able to determine which faction starts on which side from the server settings, rather than needing to place the same map back-to-back in order to play both sides.
Molon Labe
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Remember, this is pre-alpha stuff, meaning any and all of it is subject to change or removal. I tried to only post things that are almost certainly going to be there launch day. What do ya'll think? I'm kinda diggin' the changes to Support and Recon classes. Seems to give them a more defined role than what they currently have in BF3.
Molon Labe
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I'm loving the info on this "levolution" and the new VOIP for PC
"Dear Humanity, We regret being alien bastards. We regret coming to Earth. And we most definitely regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!"
Posted Jun 17, 13
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After reading through some of those things I feel like some of the things are COD like. Maybe that's just me though.
Posted Jun 17, 13
[BTDT] Tren_Frost MODBenefactor
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I think that might just be you. :p Is there something in particular that jumps out to you? As far as I can tell, this is more Battlefield than BF3 was.
Molon Labe
Posted Jun 17, 13 · OP
[BTDT] KenLi2730 MODBenefactor
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How is the 64 players on consoles going to affect those with a poor internet connection? More players, more data that has to be passed, is it going to slow things down?
Posted Jun 17, 13
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It's using dedicated servers, which will drastically reduce the amount of data being passed back and forth, but yes it will be more of a strain that a 24 player mode. If it's anything like the PC, then there will be 64 AND 24 player game modes available.

BTW, moved your comment into the main thread. You're a mod so the lock I have on the other thread doesn't appear for you. :p

Also, double check the Vehicle section. No sooner do I post this up that rivaLxfactor puts up a video further clarifying how Tank ammunition works :p I also put in a new Battle Pack section talking about how players will be unlocking cosmetic customizations.
And rather than having you go back and find this one-off note, class gadgets are no longer limited to a certain type. Players can pick any two types of gadgets to spawn in with. While no specific examples were given, it'd be like running as an Engineer with both an RPG and Anti-Tank Mines, or an Assault with a med-pack and grenade launcher.
Molon Labe
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Ok, so pushed all the update comments to this thread. If I read you right, you want me to help create other threads about the details of the X1 and PS4?
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Wow, somehow just edited you comment instead of adding a new one... >.<
Molon Labe
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Most of what is posted for BF4 seems pretty dang cool. I am looking forward to trying out Levolution. BTW- is that a game mode or a general term to describe the level of destruction that will be in the game?
BF3 was my first game in the BF series, so there are a couple of other questions.
Commander Mode- I think this is going to have to be something that I try... to fully understand the enjoyment factor.
Spectator mode? I am wondering why I would want this. I wouldn't be playing the game, just watching others play. Unless there is something more tied into this, I think this mode may be a pass.

And I hope the in game voice chat actually works on day 1. Maybe now with the PS4's including a headset, there will be more communication.
Posted Jun 17, 13 · Last edited Jun 17, 13 by [BTDT] KenLi2730
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