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You've Been There.
You've seen the sun set on the desert and heard the sounds of mortars and rocket shells in the night. You know the taste of sand on an MRE. You know the sound of an A-10 as it takes off for a strafing run. You know the taste of salt in your mouth as your Zodiac pushes for the beach.
You've Done That.
You didn't get just a lousy T-shirt. You got wounds, scars, memories and a brotherhood. For you, it wasn't a game. It was a job.  It was a job you volunteered for- many times, more than once.
Welcome to [BTDT]'Been There Done That'.
We are a group of veterans, active, inactive and retired, who game, socialize and continue the brotherhood. We don't care about your skill level, your gender, your age or if you were combat deployed. We don't care if you were a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine.
We only ask one question. Did you serve?
We'd love for you to apply. Why? Because you've Been There and Done That.
So have we.
To apply, click on the 'Recruitment' tab above!

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[BTDT] IYAOYAS05 BenefactorFinally picked up an external HD for my XB1. Got a 1TB. Didn't seem like it too long to fill up the internal storage. Then again, with certain games like GTA and BF4 taking up a crapload of space....yeah haha. I figured 1TB will last me a little while longer. Was only $65 too.
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[BTDT] fosulSo, just a couple more modifications to the new Remington 700 before I decide to post pics. Suffice to say, she kicks like a beast, so dealing with that issue at the moment.
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[BTDT] fosul   Not going for a sound suppressor, just a basic muzzle brake.
[BTDT] M@3IK AdminBenefactor  Ive got a new flint for the end of my spear!!!!!

Damn you America... We are stuck with spoons and butter knifes over here in the UK.... GGGrrrrrrrrr
[BTDT] AAChaoshand Benefactor  Can always come hang with us. Us Texans know how to have some fun with guns at the range.
[BTDT] Saboteur2558 BenefactorToday I found Battlefield Hardline at Costco for $39 and still couldn't convince myself to by it.
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[BTDT] AAChaoshand Benefactor  Yeah man, screw that pos.
[BTDT] HeliMech488 Benefactor  Absolutely no interest.
[BTDT] Hooligan Fish   Unfortunately I bought it on XBOne. It's not that it's a bad game, it's just that I do regret buying it.
[BTDT] Allahu Snackbar Benefactor  created a new thread ATTN: ALL PENNSYLVANIA VETERANS in the Veteran Benefits & Organizations forum
[BTDT] CryptoSpook BenefactorBroadcasting GTA V PC in 1080P on high settings
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[BTDT] Nate   registered to [BTDT]'Been There Done That'
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[BTDT] lllBadVoodoolll Page looks great!
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